Accessing Mercantec Power Commerce

Mercantec Power Commerce is installed on a web server. You access Power Commerce through your local computer's browser.

Before logging into the web server, you must have the following information from your web administrator:


Becoming a registered Power Commerce user

The End User License Agreement (EULA) displays the first time you log in to a new Power Commerce installation.

After reading the agreement and completing the user information form, click I Agree to submit the form and become a registered Power Commerce user.

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Power Commerce Log In

Logging in to Power Commerce gives you access to all Power Commerce offerings available with your current installation.

To log in to Power Commerce

NOTE: If the screen displays error message 5008, Power Commerce automatically logged you out. Click Login to display the login screen.

  1. Type your user name in the User Name field.

  2. Type your password in the Password field

  3. Click Log In. If this is your first login, the login action takes you to the EULA agreement page. If you have already accepted the EULA, the login action sends you to PowerManager.

To log out of Power Commerce

  1. Click Log Out (located in the upper right-hand corner of every Power Commerce screen).

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Why Power Commerce automatically logs you out

After sixty (60) minutes of server inactivity, the page expires. After you select a new  option or command button, you receive error message 5008. You must log in again. This logout feature provides another layer of protection by preventing someone from changing your site while your computer is unattended.

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